Saturday, December 12, 2009

Wow, it's been a while!

An effective blog really should include updates closer together than almost six months, but...meh! What can ya do! Ha ha.

Well, the semester is over. Huzzah! It has been one of those semesters that seemed to take forever and yet flew by at the same time! I'm feeling pretty proud of myself currently because not only did I do pretty well in all of my classes this semester, but I got my Associate's as well. Yahoooo! It really feels great to have that stepping stone of my life cleared. Now I'm just going to spend a couple of weeks trying not to think about how much I still have left to do...retake the math part of the CAAP test and get my background check done so I can apply for the Education Program in February, actually apply for the Education Program and, God willing, get accepted so I can keep on truckin'! Oy more school-think for a while, please.

I can't believe how close Christmas is! Only two more weeks to finish my Christmas shopping and soak up all the wonderfulness of the season! The saddest part is, until now-ish I haven't had much time to actually enjoy Christmastime. But now that the semester is over the fun shall begin! I'm going shopping with Tyler and my mom today to get my dad's Christmas present (then we'll probably do a bit of Christmas shopping for ourselves...ha), then Mark and I are going to the Ogden Christmas Village tonight. I LOVE Christmas Village so much! I will just have to remember to seriously bundle up. I always forget to do that or just plain don't want to...then I freeze my tuckus off all night. Anywho, then the plan is to make Christmas cookies tomorrow with Mark, which I'm SUPER excited for! Who doesn't love making, and eating, Christmas cookies? I'll tell you who....communists.

I'm slightly bummed because Mark will be in Washington over Christmas and New Year's visiting his family. I use the word "slightly" because mostly I'm just happy that he gets to see his family, he's really excited to go. Not to mention I got him last Christmas and New Year's so I guess I have to share ;) I just wish we could have two Christmas and New Year' he could spend with his family, and one he could spend with me! :) 'Cause, dang...who am I gonna kiss at midnight?? Ha ha

What else is there....hmm....oh, I'm thinking of cutting my hair! Not just getting it trimmed but doing something really different with it. I'm not going to chop it all off and go super-short like I had practically my whole life before the last four years or so, but I need a change. I miss changing up my look! When and if that happens I'll be sure to post some pictures. At the rate I'm going, that may take weeks to happen, but hey! It will happen, ok!!

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