Saturday, December 12, 2009

Wow, it's been a while!

An effective blog really should include updates closer together than almost six months, but...meh! What can ya do! Ha ha.

Well, the semester is over. Huzzah! It has been one of those semesters that seemed to take forever and yet flew by at the same time! I'm feeling pretty proud of myself currently because not only did I do pretty well in all of my classes this semester, but I got my Associate's as well. Yahoooo! It really feels great to have that stepping stone of my life cleared. Now I'm just going to spend a couple of weeks trying not to think about how much I still have left to do...retake the math part of the CAAP test and get my background check done so I can apply for the Education Program in February, actually apply for the Education Program and, God willing, get accepted so I can keep on truckin'! Oy more school-think for a while, please.

I can't believe how close Christmas is! Only two more weeks to finish my Christmas shopping and soak up all the wonderfulness of the season! The saddest part is, until now-ish I haven't had much time to actually enjoy Christmastime. But now that the semester is over the fun shall begin! I'm going shopping with Tyler and my mom today to get my dad's Christmas present (then we'll probably do a bit of Christmas shopping for ourselves...ha), then Mark and I are going to the Ogden Christmas Village tonight. I LOVE Christmas Village so much! I will just have to remember to seriously bundle up. I always forget to do that or just plain don't want to...then I freeze my tuckus off all night. Anywho, then the plan is to make Christmas cookies tomorrow with Mark, which I'm SUPER excited for! Who doesn't love making, and eating, Christmas cookies? I'll tell you who....communists.

I'm slightly bummed because Mark will be in Washington over Christmas and New Year's visiting his family. I use the word "slightly" because mostly I'm just happy that he gets to see his family, he's really excited to go. Not to mention I got him last Christmas and New Year's so I guess I have to share ;) I just wish we could have two Christmas and New Year' he could spend with his family, and one he could spend with me! :) 'Cause, dang...who am I gonna kiss at midnight?? Ha ha

What else is there....hmm....oh, I'm thinking of cutting my hair! Not just getting it trimmed but doing something really different with it. I'm not going to chop it all off and go super-short like I had practically my whole life before the last four years or so, but I need a change. I miss changing up my look! When and if that happens I'll be sure to post some pictures. At the rate I'm going, that may take weeks to happen, but hey! It will happen, ok!!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Life as of late...

So I kind of fail at this whole blogging thing...but here I am again! The last few weeks have been insane! I am in the middle of my summer semester classes...blecht, this is a mistake I won't be making again. I had to take math and microbiology over the summer so that I can apply for my associate's this fall, that'll be nice! However, if it wasn't bad enough that I'm in summer classes...they're the two suckiest classes ever. Oh well, I'm halfway through already. That's the one benefit, summer classes are MUCH shorter!
I got my wisdom teeth out ab
out a week and a half ago, that was a big ol' sack of no fun. I'm still in pain. Not nearly as bad as before, but it's there and it's obnoxious. The worst part is that I still can't really eat much of anything that requires very much chewing. Eating isn't even fun anymore. It used to be one of my favorite pastimes! Ha ha.

The hilight of the summer so far happened last weekend, I got to go see Mark! His graduation was the 16th and 17th, and the rest of the weekend he got to
spend with h
is family and I, it was so nice. I miss him so much. He's changed quite a bit! He's all skinny now...not to mention the buzz cut, ha ha. He's also had a lot of very obvious internal changes, I'm so so proud of him

I can't wait until he get
s home!
Only 44 more days, I can do this. Plus now that he's just in tech school
we'll be able to talk a lot more. He has his cell phone back, can use the computer, etc. That will definitely help the time go faster.
Well that's about all I have as far as life updates go. Well, everything that comes to mind at least. I'm so exhausted. Plus I have about two weeks worth of math homework to catch up I should probably get started on that.
Until next time!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

One day down, 107 to go....

Well Mark flew out this morning to Lackland, Texas for boot camp. He'll be in boot camp until July 17th, then, after a 12-day lag period, he'll be in basic training until September 4th. I'm definitely sad but it's not nearly as bad as I thought it would be. This is just so much better than the last time he was gone that the comparison is making it a lot easier. At least this time I have specific dates, I know when he'll be back. It's crazy just how much of a difference that can make. I've just pretty much accepted the fact that the next few days are going to be hard, but I'll be fine. The hardest part is that I keep pulling out my cell phone to text him and then realize that he'll definitely not be able to respond. I didn't realize how much I texted that boy until I couldn't anymore, ha ha. I'm certainly looking forward to his graduation from boot camp so I can at least keep in contact with him more immediately than sending letters.

I just can't help but feel bad for the poor guy, boot camp in Texas all summer? That's gonna be pretty miserable...oh well, he'll be all buff and sexy when he gets back so it's a pretty fair trade ;)

So I'm going to try and keep myself pretty busy this summer so that it goes by quickly. I'm taking two summer classes, which is a double whammy because that will allow me to apply for my associate's in September and then get started on my major. Bonus! I'm also considering trying out for Beauty and the Beast at the Terrace Playhouse, which would basically go against everything I stand for, but desperate times call for desperate measures! Other than that I just plan on a lot of quality family and friend time. All of that combined should make the summer fly by! That's what I'm hoping for, at least, ha ha.

Well that's about it for now in mah life. Work is pretty same ol', same ol'. We're starting the inventory process...blecht...there is nothing more monotonous and wearing than inventory. Hopefully I'm partnered up with someone fun to make it more interesting.

Anywho, that's about all the ramblings I have left for this evening.

Until next time, blogger world!

Saturday, March 28, 2009


So I was just sitting here trying to decide what I could write my next blog entry about, then a little creature started sniffing at my feet, which gave me my inspiration. I have a dog now! That's right, for the first time in about seven years my family has a dog. He is awesome, and here is his story...

Last Friday night, Mark was dropping me off at my house and we were sitting in his car talking. I opened the door, and as I sat there with my arm holding it open, something furry rubbed up against my arm scaring me out of my mind. When I looked over and saw a cute little doggie, I was relieved. I figured he was just a neighborhood dog, so I started shooing him away, and he started crying and backing away really slowly. My heart broke. Mark and I both got out of the car and started petting him and checking him out. It was pretty obvious that he was just lost, not a stray, and he had been an inside dog who was frightened in the jungles of Plain City, so I took him up to my house after Mark left so he wouldn't be sad. My family was going away for the weekend, so I tried to figure out what to do with him until we got back. I called my cousin Kelci (who lives next door) and told her of my predicament, and she informed me that she was on her way home and they would take care of him.

My cousins and aunt spent the weekend looking for the dog's owners, but did not have any luck. So, my family decided to keep him, since my dad has been talking about getting another dog for a while now. Happiness, we had a dog! He bonded to my dad and I instantly, following us around the house and whatnot. He is the friendliest little dog I've ever seen, and is very cute with other dogs and children.

Tuesday rolls around, and my dad heads to the store to get some supplies for the dog, which he has named Biff. I was home sick that day, so I was asleep on and off the whole day. About an hour after my dad got home, my mom called and we both answered. My dad proceeds to tell my mom "I just went and spent $50 on that stupid dog and now the owners just called Denise (my aunt)." I just laughed. I probably should have been sad, but it was just too funny that as soon as my rough-around-the-edges dad let himself bond with the dog and bought it a bunch of stuff, the owners show up.

My cousin Kelci came over to pick up the dog so they could take him back to his owners' house, and we hung out for a while just chit-chattin'. Kelci leaves, but about 2 minutes later I hear her laughing and yelling "Kellyn, guesss what!!" She and her sister Bree come into my room carrying the dog and both laughing, telling me that the owners called their mom again and told her that if we wanted to keep the dog he was all ours, since she and her fiancee work all day and don't have as much time to spend with him. Once again I just laughed because I knew that my dad would get all irritated again when he found out we were keeping the dog (which was very true).

We found out some things about the dog, such as he is about a year old and his name is actually Harley. I still call him Biff sometimes, because I just like that name.

So there you go, I have a dog. He's a cute little stinker. My dad took him to get a haircut today, since in the first two days we had him everything in our house had gotten covered with white dog hair. He's still very cute, but I kinda miss the scruffy look. It was very endearing...

Friday, March 13, 2009

Well, here I am!

So I decided to start a blog, because I apparently don't have enough things in my life with which to waste time. I figure it's a nice way to let people know what's going on in my life and such. The only question is...where to start?

My life's been pretty same 'ol lately. I'm going to Weber State, just about finished up with my generals (Yes, it took me this long. I'm a slacker, what can I say?). I'll hopefully be getting my Associates pretty soon and then I'll start getting into my Major. What is my Major, you ask? Well I haven't exactly settled on one yet. I've got it narrowed down to Secondary Education, but I'm still not sure what exactly I want to teach. I would really love to teach theatre, but the theatre program at Weber State is pretty time-consuming, and I'm not sure if I would be able to pull it off and keep the job that I currently have. However, I would like to look into it more to see if I could manage it, because I would love to do that. If I don't go with theatre, I will probably settle on English teaching. I may even do both, because, let's be honest. How many high school drama teachers out there don't teach English too? Anyway, that's where I stand in the education part of my life.

I'm still working at the bookstore at WSU. However, I managed to move up from receptionist to Marketing Assistant, which is nice. It's so pleasant to NOT have to spend my day sitting at a desk and answering angry customers' questions. Now I actually have things to do, and if I run out of things to do I have the freedom to go find something to do rather than being chained to a desk. It's so different working there now than it used to be. Just about everyone that I worked with my first two years there is gone now, and now my closest friend at work is moving back to Arizona at the end of the semester...dump. Anywho, that's work. All in all pretty good.

I am still dating Mark, oh how I love him. Things are going really well with that except that he is leaving in about a month to do the Air Force Reserve. He'll be doing boot camp for 2 months, and then he'll have six weeks of training. It will really suck having him gone for 3 and a half months, but I am trying to focus on the positive as much as I can. This will really give him a good set-up for a job, they'll pay for his college, and he'll get some really good money doing it. That's what I'm...trying to focus on. Unfortunately, it usually doesn't work out and I just start getting very depressed and bitter and contemplating how unfair life is. Oh well. Like I said, aside from that things are going really well. It's crazy that we have been dating for over a year now. The time has gone by so fast and so much has happened in that short time. I have grown so much as a person and learned a lot about myself and what I want out of life.

What else can I prattle on about? Today is my 21st birthday! A lot of people have been asking me what I'm doing for my birthday and they all acted sort of disappointed and...disgusted, that I wasn't planning on doing much besides cake and ice cream with the fam, ha ha. What can I say? I'm not exactly going to like, throw myself a party ("Happy birthday to ME! Bring me presents!"), and I don't have many friends that are 21 so who am I going to go party with? Ha ha. Oh well, I've had fun today and I'm sure I'll have fun with my family tomorrow so that's all that really matters, right?

All right, I think that's about enough for today. Hopefully I'll be able to actually keep up on this thing and post on it more than once every six months, ha ha.